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Exclamation Circumcision at 13. Tell us your story of Circumcision at a older age!!!

So my question is has anyone ever gotten a circumcision later in life, insted of erlyer? If so post your story hear, and/or tell your feelings on yours or my circumcision.

Ok so my story. I'm 13/m/OH and I got cut becouse i wanted to, and i couldent get my forskin down. (Those of you that can't get yours down, uderstand there are many other ways to take care of that problem. Storied creams, stretching, ky, ect ect. Circumcision is't your only option. Having said that please dont everyone post about how you dont have to and i didnt have to get cut. I wanted it, i liked it and im glad i did)(Thanks for the help and info a lot of you gave me. It did help.)

I went in first with my mom. The doc asked my mom if there was any way spesificly she wanted us done. She said (in a kinda funny bashful way) "as tight as you can i guess" (i'm guessing she had a talk With my dad or a priorer talk with the doc about the diffrence between tight and loose, I dont think thats something my mom woulda known if not) I was the only on in the room at the time (my brothers where in the waiting room) so I spoke up and said i wanted done loose, my mom said ok and the doc noded and told me to get undressed and put that on noda noda ect ect... I got up on the bed thing and i remember, man that needle was scary!!! It was reeeeal skiny and thin. I remeber him say I dont need to and realy shouldent watch the pracedure (i did anyways, I think it's becouse some kids probly would through up)So he takes this long needle and sticks it in at the base of my penis! They wait for like 10 min. Then the doc comes over and feels my penis up lol realy creepy considering A. he's a older MAN and B. My noodle is limper and number then ever (then again whos wouldent be in this case). I tell him I can feel anything, and he nods ect ect. There's all these blue paper towl/cloth things covering me where the blue gown thing isent and my penis looks so small and stupid with all that blue around it lol i remember thinking that. I watch as he takes the sizzer plyer things and inserts them in in my forskin. He pulled the skin away from the glands and inserted the real sergical sizzers. He tells me to relax (as if this word even exsistes in my vocab right now lol) and cuts a 1/2 inch slice at the top. (im gessing so he could get the other instrament in, becouse my forskin after all wouldent go back) There's not realy much blood. He takes this wierd looking pair of plyers that look like the have a upside down bowl on them and sets the bowl down on my head, pulls the forskin up a little bit around the bowl things sides and squeezes the handle. It tightens up. And then a couple of slices with a scalpul and bam i'm a cut boy now! lol He took the clamp things and clamped the big vain and another. Took the bowl thing off and now i can actualy see my head. lol He puts like 4 stitches in, tells me to not masterbate and avoid getting erections as much as posable and to put this ountment on it. To make sure I pull the healing shaft skin away from the glans now and then or the shaft skin could heal to the glands. I'm soposed to go back in 3 weeks at witch time he'll take the stiches out and make sure everything ok. So, problem salved. I'm a cut boy now and the whole procedure its self (from the first cut) only took 5 to 10 min. All together less then half an hour. I got bandages on right now but i took them off a couble times now to put the ouintment on and do the other thing. All in all, im happy with my new and improved penis!!! lol

I can't wait to try it out!!! lol

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funny stuff!!!! BPTMB!!!!!!!
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