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Originally Posted by Joyofpepsi2003
If my cum color is still clear.... it means my sperm are not mature.... but does that still mean it will get a grl pregnant with it?

Yes and no. You seem pretty confused about this whole thing.

Your semen might change color but your sperm are too small to see a difference in color. And the color won't change as you get more mature. What you might be seeing is as more comes out you see the difference in color. In small amounts it will come out the same color as a huge amount of it. So it's definetly mature if it is semen.

Now your question abotu getting a girl pregnant...

Yes, you always should be worrying about this question and seeing that you've been here almost a year I'm wondering why you asked this question Of course you should always be worrying about this and you should always be protected of the all around chance of STDs, pregnancy, etc.
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