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Default Re: Guy Needing Help

Originally Posted by mynameisjane View Post
its possible to become uncircumcised if you really wanted to. but most guys in america are. i think its better to be circumcised because i heard that if you arent, you could get penis cheese.
Foreskin restoration gives a similar appearance and such, but it does not restore the nerve endings or the structure of a real foreskin.

Smegma ("penis cheese") is not uncleanliness. It's a sign of it - basically just dead skin. Smegma itself is actually meant to clean the penis. Cut guys can get just as dirty; they just don't show it. Uncut guys who take showers shouldn't get it, and some never do. I've gone on a week-long camping trip and didn't get any at all.

It is gross, yeah, but you wouldn't want to sleep with a cut guy who was that unclean either - smegma or not - so it doesn't really matter...


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