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Well, I'm a bitch, but I'm having some problems and this is a thing that goes out to all the members, mods and admins included, but mostly members. This is about the site and business.

DO NOT vote no on anything just to start some 'controversy'

I need to figure out some things and decide how to proceed further with the Rep Guide. Here's a little questionnaire; the questions will have a sentence following them telling what the effect will be.

1) Should the Reputation Guide stay or be trashed permanently?

2) Should the Reputation Guide be split into two threads, one for the Quick Reference and one for the bigger complete Rep Guide? This will make people who have slower computers be able to choose whether they want the Quick Ref, shorter, or the Rep Guide, longer and harder on load time.

3) Should the Reputation Guide be advertised more? This will save some space in my signature while also publicizing the Rep system.

4) Should the Rep Guide be moved to some where more easily to see? Like the HQ (here)? This will help people notice it and see it more!

5) Should the Quick Reference (second post) be smaller than it is now? This'll make the guide shorter guide shorter than it is now, ensuring people will be educated on the Rep system.

6) Finally, has the Rep Guide been helpful to you in any way? If you haven't read it/some of it, don't vote!!!

Guys: as far as I know, the Rep system isn't going anywhere, so don't bitch about how it isn't being used or isn't that important. Besides, it doesn't need to be used constantly; just a few times a week is ok. Just because you don't get any Rep doesn't mean that it's not being used.
Just deal with it - if we can publicize it more, then maybe it will be used more!

Any other side opinions are welcome. Express yourself!

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