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Default Re: Online Love...... Is this wrong???

ive talked to many people on the phone and online that i dont know personally. i guess its just normal. i also mentioned to a few people that i wanted to meet them too. i also had online relationships with some girls, i think 4 girls that i never met before. it might be normal? but it never worked out because me and the girl(s) both decided it would be hard to meet because one lived in Canada, Alabama, South Carolina, Canada again, and 4 hours away from me. actually thats 5 girls i guess lol. but yea, just make sure you know who you're talkin to, dont get hurt. i hate predators. =[ . at least ask him if he has a web cam or something to show that he is REAL. a picture wont do much, cause he could just PHOTOSHOP fake stuff in. so be careful and goodluck
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