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You have received an infraction at VirtualTeen Forums.


Reason: Excessive Spamming
If you are going to make a post in the puberty forums please make a post that actually helps, saying "hmmm" doesn't help anyone and is considered spam.

Please don't do it again.

This infraction is worth 1 point(s) and may result in restricted access until it expires. Serious infractions will never expire.

All the best,
VirtualTeen Forums[/QUOTE]

you are sickiningly targeting me... or do u just go around starting problems with everyone? Not cool at all. I did'nt say "hay you lil *****, get off here" becouse i didnt want to be mean. Anyone can tell i was showing exspresion on the fact the girl was 11 years old!!!

There for i couldent leagaly give her sexual advice! you said "please make a post that actually helps" You wated Me to help the 11 y/0 with a sexual situation.

The girl was 11! Your telling me to break the law right? There is a law for this... i cant actualy remember the actual words for what it says... but it breaks down to the same law that states you cant show porn to young kids either. Something about illigal sexual infuace of a child. If your a mod don't tell me to break the law and give me a ticket at the same time. It's not smart.

This is the 2nd time you have jumped to conclushons and acted inresponsably and erashenaly. Now i dont no if mods are like cops (stick together and do what they want) but i'm geussing i'll find out after i leave this thred.

I'll take your 5 points for my brother screwing up, I'll even take your point for your "Excessive Spamming" LMAO lol but dont think I wont exspose your incompetance.

It's most likely that i'll eventualy be picked clean of points (buy the cops/mods) and kicked off of this site for this. But whats right is right and im not a push over. I speak my mind and am not at all ashamed of the fack im not scared to tell the truth or let it be known.

I'll be your scape goat, I'll be you maryter. W/E

"If your dick was as big as your mouth you'd be real"
funny stuff!!!! BPTMB!!!!!!!
And yes maxx 3 1/2 is my brother!!!
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