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Default Re: Can Someone Help Me With a Website Please?

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
Are you guys completely clueless on how to start up a website? I know what it takes to actually get a website running but as far as logos and designers that's really not my thing.
yes, clueless. lol, atleast i can admit it...i just have never been taught.

anyways, if you can help me, that'd be great. im the artistic guy in our duo so i can do logos and whatever.

but, like you said, i just want to get it running and a basic layout. then i can take it from there. but can you inform me a little bit, is there like a program that you use? i know its all about HTML, and i am okay with HTML, but i just dont know how to do the website.

Anythony, if you could help me, i'd greatly appreciate it.

you you have AIM? if you do, what's your screen name?

like i said before, mine is ASEdrumma328, and id MUCH rather talk over that then here.

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