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Default Re: Oral?

just give the guy head. lol. let him suck you, and you suck him.

im serious and kidding there.

obviously, dont just do it if you know he's ONLY in it for head, but, you have to value things.

a lot of guys just kind of get horny and say things like that. tell him that you want to get to know him more (unless you already do, then forget that step) and then when you feel ready, just do it.

personally, i like Handjobs and Blowjobs more than actual sex. i just get more turned on. but the thing is, if i was in your position, id see if it would hurt my reputation, and id see how many bad and good things could come out of it.

if you value the bad things over the good, then dont do it, but, if you valuer the good things over the bad, then there should be nothing stopping you.


I know you, don't I?

And thanks.

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