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Default Re: Circumcision on 3 brothers this Friday.... Help!!!

thats his dick dude.

that IS his LOVE

not cool AJ...definately not cool.

for anything else, it would mostly be okay, but not his dick

haha that crossed the line, but i couldnt care less. my dick is circumcised and i would totally prefer it over an uncircumcised one.

but, you guys seem to "love" eachother, so w/e...your family.

also, Maxx. you shouldnt have gotten the surgery if you didnt want to, and you also should have controlled exactly how much you wanted on and off. simple dude.

for the record, dont fight in here. i dont care if you publicly announced to everyone that your just good ol' brothers and you fight like any other pair, but its annoying to read posts that are just getting back things at you both.

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