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Default Anyone who was single when they got Oral

Basically, i love getting head/a handjob.

my objective: to get

my request: a "how-to manual".

i basically want single guys, who have gotten oral from like single girls and how they did it basically. like, all i want is steps on what you did that progress to the time when you got oral.

1. me and her became good friends...we both thought that each other were good looking, and we basically hinted that we wanted to do sexual things with one another.

2. there was a party that my friend had, and me and her were at it, we got really close by flirting there, and it eventually led to oral sex.

obviously, i want more than two steps, im think about 10-15+

me and a girl have gotten to #1. i just need to know how to progress from there. i dont want any like, "sex" stories, because i know that that would probably be against the rules, i just need to know how to "play it cool and get the job done". if you have to send me a PM because its too explicit or something, then do that too, i just really want advice.

im not just some sex freak guy, its just that i want to get oral done to me, and i also want to stay single too (i think a girlfriend would take too much out of my schedule right now)

even if you made out when you were single with a single girl, tell me how to get to that. anything is appreciated. basically, after we make out or anything more, im going to ask her to be my girlfriend (haha you have to test the car before you drive it around the city...just kidding, well, kind of) so im not just using her.

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