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Default Can Someone Help Me With a Website Please?

hey everyone, thanks for opening this. heres the deal, my friend and i, have started producing and creating an animated cartoon. Basically, to compare it to any show, it would be most similar to South Park.

Thats the link, if anyone wants to go check it out (hint, go right after reading this. you have to add us for security reasons due to staff involvement, but we are always on it so your request will get accepted in like under 10 minutes.)

anyways, me friend and i wanted to expand, and create an actual website. obviously, myspace isnt the way to do a professional website. i talked to many of the kids at my school on how to do it, and they said that it was very complicated, and that they were still learning how to do it in their Website Design courses.

please PM me if you want to help. also, talk to me on this AIM:


i hate talking on anything else, so if thats a problem, then just talk over VT, but IM gives faster responses etc. (we can go to a chat too i guess in now that i thought of that...)

but please everyone, we really wanted to expand this show and to get many people to see this. we dont exactly want to go to large companies and have them "check out our myspace"

for the record, we are willing to pay money if it is needed, so dont just think that we are going to cheap out on you.

please, ive been trying to do this for a while and i really need some help.

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