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Well, acne happens in puberty, so it's the right place

I had a lot of acne when I was really stressed out. Now, most of it is gone because I'm happier. But now I've got back acne and it just won't go away!!! >:0[

All I did while I had all those zits (all those zits inside my face -_-), I popped them, then cleaned them w/alcohol. Clearasil didn't really work, but in occasions the generic acne cream (in the US) Equate brand (WalMart) would work when I put it right on the pimple, rub it in but not rubbing it in like hand lotion, just in little spots.

Usually things like acne act up when you're stressed or just when your hormones are like *gah you dumb ass gah look who's talking gahhhh*
So I think you should try all the regular procedures (popping, then alcohol) and wait it out. Even pop any you have around your hair line...and really scrub when you use the alcohol!

A bit long, but that's what works for me!
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