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Question Acne

(If this doesn't belong here, sorry. Could a mod kindly move it? )

OK this is a REAL problem I have been facing for a while. Maybe a year. Yeah, I get that everyone will get it sooner or later and some worse than others, but I really am not sure about mine if it is just a serious condition or what. But anyways, I have it all over my forehead, chin, and nose. I've tried everything from letting it be, to Jessica Simpson's miracle Proactive, to alcohol patches. NOTHING is working, and it seems every type of conditioner/cleaner I put on makes it worse. I was just looking around and found out about some drug or something (isotetrononin, or some sort of that name). What is that stuff? Will it help? Perscription? Alergic reactions (I'm alergic to Sulfa drugs)? Are there any hard-core things I might not have tried yet? I might be taking this a little out of hand, but I'm really desperate; like I said I know everyone gets it but I don't know anyone with it as severly as I do (in person). And these commercial ads are getting me discouraged. It's like is there something wrong with my skin with your product? Haha

Anyways, anyone in-the-know with advice is apperciated (well I guess everyone is appreciated) .

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