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Yes i'm sorry for your loss and theres nothing anyone here can say or do that will ever truly help or make it at all better... but you seem like a stroung soal and thats good. Morn your friend morn her good and long thats your right and you need it... I's your way through... It's the way to tomarrow. So remember the good times and all the happyness she brought you, love her and morn her. In time it will all drain out and it will start to get better. You will start to heal. there will always be that scare but someday you'll be able to look back at it with love and joy. but for now let yourself morn it's very important.

I'm Maxx M/15/OH It's nice to meet you all. PM me anytime and we can chat! If you know A to the J on here, yes he is my brother, yes he is a pain, but know you better not mess with him. I hate his big D***ed little a** but i still love him. too.
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