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Unhappy Mandy

As most or all of you dont know (depending if you live in Colorado or not) a 14 year old girl died last Saturday. She died in a motor vehicle accident and was partially ejected from the truck. Flight For Life came and carried her to a hospital. On the flight to the hospital she went into cardiac arrest. The medical team worked hard and got her out of it by the time she got to the hospital. Three hours later she went into cardiac arrest again and the medical team went to work again. This time however she gave in and died at 8:00 p.m. She was my friend, Mandy Brown. Her furneral was today along with the coffin being lowered into the ground. I am also 14 and this was the first death that has happened to or effected me. I miss her so much. The girl I love and have gone out, Rachel Inman with was best friends with Mandy. She was also in the car accident and sustained minor injuries but she watced helplessly as her best friend died in front of her. This week has been very hard for all of us at FLMS (being the school she went to) and other schools that had her friends as students. We all miss her very much and love her till the end of the earth. My question is how can I move on? (If you want to know more you can go to Google and type in "Mandy Brown Fort Lupton)

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