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Default Re: circumcision on 3 brothers this fri.... HELP!!!

I think I'd like an uncut guy more than a cut guy, but it really doesn't matter when you look into the personality thing (blah blah)
I wana be able to masterbate like a normal person and not just rubb the head through my forskin (you have no idea how long it takes to come)
I'm uncut, and that's NOT how you masturbate. You don't just rub the head, you grab the entire thing.

You guys should really get a choice unless it's a health issue. I don't like the idea of circumcision unless the guys really want it and/or it's a health issue. For even more info on circumcision, go to

Go to this link and read that one article at the top. If you still wanna do it, don't say anything to your mom...but if you don't wanna do it, protest!!!
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