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i Prefer Shaolins advise to ANYONE else on any of the boards,
personally i think he gives the best advise for a simple reasons

1) Hes well informed, and wont go into something unless he knows the facts and has read the thread CAREFULLY

2) He's not gullable and very suspicious, which believe me is a good thing, as i believe he said in another thread, i personally think its better to not give attention to a fraud and encourage for him to go on in the attntion seeking behaviour

3) He's always on the right wave length to the subject, i've yet to see him give bad advise, or be totaly mistaken without realising where he was mistaken (apart from one thread)

4) I was the one in VtHQ who said that he should become a mod, because of how well he was giving advise, and Josh agreed, so he recieved a mod status

5) he's only pissed me off once...over a trivial matter...he insulted emo music...hehe, but meh thats his problem if he hates emo..meh (that was the one thread i was talking about earlier)

even though your in college and shouldnt fucking be here.
cosmos, college overhere means u can be 16/17/18, and all thos ages are havnt been here long and obviously dont understand the rules well

Originally Posted by Ripplemagne
18. Come back when you stop failing.
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