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Default Man i feel like shit again.

Everyday i feel like shit. Im a gamer.. and when im playing games it relieves me of my depression for only a little while. I wont even go outside barely at all anymore.. and i barely let people become my friends.

My best friend, for example. If he calls me up and "Hey mate, wanna grab a movie?". im like "sure lets go". But he is the only one. My friends at school i have been hanging with for like 2 years now, but never want to go to movies with them outside of school. Why? I have no idea.

Yes they are my friends, but my mind keeps saying no. (Only to going out with them on weekends). I just end up staying home doing nothing. Im bored shitless... but still wont go out. I hate being seen in public. Self-image i spose.

Anyway, any reasons? I dunno. Thanks anway
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