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Why is telling people both the positive and negative aspects of drug use 'persuasion' - I don't see any persausion i see facts.

Everyone knows what alcohol does, it gets you drunk, and people can have alot of fun on it. Some people have a real problem with alcohol and get real addicted, others don't do it at all. It can cause health problems, like liver damage, but it can reduce social anxiety, make you more lucid and comfortable. Etc

People who didn't want to drink in the first place, won't. People who want to drink, will do it, regardless of the health warnings. They should atleast know that when you drink, you can get drunk, and you can get very drunk. Being drunk is the positive effect of drinking, however for some people it can NOT be a positive effect, they might not like being drunk, or slurred speech, or being a loud mouth over confident etc. Does that mean i shouldn't tell them that's what will happen to you if you drink?

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