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Exclamation Apt Pupils, me and my brother, so much alike, and yet so diffrent. Like mental twins!

Ok i'm writing this becouse i wanted to ask if anyone has ever been called apt? and what it means? I think it has something to do with being smart. IDK but all of me and maxxs techers call us the apt brothers. Is't that weird? Why would teachers do that? Ether way, I wana ask everyone something. Has anyone here ever felt like your brother was like your twin? Just born in seprate years? It's weird me and maxx are so much alike. We both are exstreamly Smart, I mean to the point of A honorol in everything but english all our lives! And both of us strugle misrable with spelling and grammer. We spell the same, like the same foods, find the same girls atractive, like the same kinda pets, same bands, and i even think he questions his sexuality (like me). We are both moody and can be As*es... We are both void of hair on our whole bodys exsept our heads, and are skinny. Our hair is even the same color. It's insane how close to the same person we are, but at the same time we have phical quatitys that are so diffrent. I'm little and short 4'8, he's tall 5'3? (ok not real tall) His eyes are blue mine are brown. My hairs long, his is short. My dick is long and skinny(4 1/2)(not real long but for 13 compared to 16), his is short and skinny (3 1/2) and im not telling any secrets here i mean it's in his name! maxx 3 1/2... sure i give him a little trouble about it but hes not sodt on me either lol sence i walk through the house after i shower naked and he sees me i get a lot of "Pencle dick" and "balb head" becouse i got a big penis head. So i mean we get eachother all the time dont think its a 1 sided evil. I mean were brothers! get used to it! You'll see it on hear to, so dont get all huffy and puffy if you see us being brotherly on hear. Dont go making rash desishonds (mods, ect)... Anyways do any of you feel like this towards your brother or sister? Like your the same person almost, just in diffrent bodys lol?

"If your dick was as big as your mouth you'd be real"
funny stuff!!!! BPTMB!!!!!!!
And yes maxx 3 1/2 is my brother!!!
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