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Default Re: circumcision on 3 brothers this fri.... HELP!!!

Originally Posted by A to the J View Post
major surgery? when did it become major surgery?well ither way me and my younger brother are getting cut. I'm pretty sure maxx is still getting done too. Mom hasnt folded in on this. so idk. Ive done some reserch tho (i hope maxx has lol) but i seen you could get it done on diffrent levels. Tight, loose, med ect. A loose circumcision leaves many of the intence sencativity glans still there, and its a lot easer to masterbate and has a lot less scaring. I'm going to tell the doc i want to be done loose. I told mom and she said thats fine i asked her what she was going to tell the docter to have us done if i didnt say myself, she said "well i figured as tight as he can get it" so i told her ill tell the doc what i want myself. She said she was fine with that. So hopefully maxx reads this first thing in the morning befor we go becouse im not bringing it up. If not i guess he gets done high and tight. o well, shoulda done his reserch right? I'll keep you all updated on what its like.
Well, major surgery - it has risks and it's irreversible. And, as I'm able to get to, there are much safer options.

You can customize it to some extent. Even a loose circumcision removes a huge number of nerve endings, and I'm not sure it has much to do with scarring. But it's a delicate procedure and you can't customize it perfectly. I knew a fellow who asked for it to be loose and got it so tight it hurt to have erections. This might not be common (there's no statistics kept), but do you want to risk that before you try alternatives?

Why isn't your mom budging? There's no reason to have this done before trying the stretching/steroid cream. If you're still dissatisfied after you've tried that, you can go through with it. I've known people who were in your exact same situation and ended up regretting it, and wish they had tried the other treatments beforehand.

I'm not opposed to circumcision by choice. But this is totally unnecessary surgery. It's your right to have it if you want, but I can't imagine why you aren't waiting.


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