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Exclamation Re: why don't the girls take charge??

Originally Posted by lookatthatgirl View Post
hey girls, u know wat i don't get. y do the boys post more and start more threads then the boys??????wtf its the girls puberty fourm, not the "boys worries about penis size and/or perv questions" and sometimes, u guys rele don't help at all. like some girl complaining about her breasts and u guys just start talking about ur g/f breast or ur "perfect body? sometimes, u guys rele bring us down.

wat i am saying is boys, only post in the boys fourm and vise versa for girls. only post if u rele think u have something that would help.

although in prinicple i agree with what you say, i think it is sometimes helpful to ask questions about opposite genders and their issues, and to seek their opinion. for example, just..will and his question about his g/f and the gyno. there is not much point placing that in the guys forum, when he wants to know how best to help his g/f. i agree that questions about penis size and whatever shouldn't be placed in the girls forum but i don't think it should be clear cut guys post in guys and girls post in girls.


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