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Default Re: someone answer this please

Originally Posted by CryingEye666 View Post
ok my first post (thread) on this site was saying how i wanted to die.
well i do, but then i also know the fact that if i do commit suicide, i am never coming back. thats just a scary thought. anyone else get the same feelings?
someone help pleaseeeeeeee
DOOD!!!! Ya death is forever! dont do that!! life gets better. I promis! There's nothing that could posably be a good reason to end your life. Live and if your life is hard, work at making it better. Someday, you'll find love and all that and you'll b glad you didnt. If you ever need to talk pm me i'm hear, so are the rest of these people! We all care, dont think we dont!

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funny stuff!!!! BPTMB!!!!!!!
And yes maxx 3 1/2 is my brother!!!
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