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Default Re: why don't the girls take charge??

I'm gay, so I don't talk about girl's bodies :-]
AJ, no,
Originally Posted by lookatthatgirl View Post
wat i am saying is boys, only post in the boys fourm and vise versa for girls. only post if u rele think u have something that would help.
SERIOUISLY! All these people are posting and don't need to post if they don't know about something. And don't just agree with others, either...that doesn't help at all! I hardly ever post here, because most of what I know about boy's bodies, which is what I'm interested in () not girls. But sometimes I do know things or look them up, and I try to post only when I know an answer to something.

Other guys should post about THEIR problems in the Relationships forum. And for fucks sake, stop posting about 'oh god is my penis big enough' -.-
Trust me guys, as a guy who likes guys, you gotta be sweeeeet (in the guy way and the girl way), not have a huge cock.
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