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um i looked this up it realy depends on the state but from where i from u can be 13 and have sex with anyone up to 16. at 16 u can have sex with anyone down to 13 and up to 19. at 17 down to 14 up to 20. at 18 down to 16 up to anything. at 20 all partners must be of 18 and older. but at no time can anyone have sex with anouther person if that person is 12 or younger, unless both people are 12 or younger.. witch means if your 13 and shes 12 by only a mounth and u 2 have sex... its statory rape! and u cant get put in prison! so be carfull if you brake any of these its rape... The more i look at the bazare crazzy B**LS**T we call laws. its sicking how dumb and comlicating thayve made it... becouse watch out if your 12 and your friend is 13 and you do something together... the fact he has 2 mounths age diff on you makes him complely able to grasp sex and so hes aloud but sence you havent reatched 13 yet you aint got a clue and your friend is raping you lol INSANESs! lol Thro this bull away and let people love eachother! as long as there not forcing anything.
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