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Soo now that kokopelli has died...I have new work to show

Attachment 31

Attachment 32

I did the glazing today at was fun..but I spilled some of the green on my shorts...urgh..Lemme know what you think..should I pursue artistry, or am I just a terrible artist? I'm going for a lighthouse appearance. The piece is an eye pendant, but I created it in the form of my interpretation of a light house. The eye is the light source, emanating its shine in a medium blue sky (as portrayed with the yellow streaks). The center of the eye is marigold orange, a very vivid fit the theme as a light source. The window like creations are designed to my exposition of lighthouse windows on a linear object..the pendant. Lastly, the green and royal blue glaze on the middle/bottom of the piece is to serve as the path to the lighthouse. The blue is the path, but the green gives it a natural, green grass type appearance to the path.

Ohh I do have a question about the piece...What color/or colors should I use to finish it up? It's not done yet, but I drew a massive blank today when I got to this point on how I want the middle to look..I have no idea. Any suggestions are well appreciated.

PS..When it's fired again..the colors will radiate to their true complexion. Let me explain that. The pupil, hardcore center..not the royal blue around the pupil or the ivory where the white of the eye should be, is a marigold orange, but it appears white. I don't know if you can tell, but on the window like parts of the piece are lined with a brilliant orange glaze, filling and defining a bordered rivet around the windows. The windows themselves are white, but lined with a royal blue and follow the contour of the orange rivet.

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