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Default Re: Worth reading this: (PC GAMER)

games are great
I used to use them as an escape all the time
when i was lil I used to hide in books
I used to day dream about my heros when I was stuck in Zacks shitty basement
I'd just leave, zone out
they call it dissociation....I think.....

Then we moved away from him
But also away from my home, my school, my friends, the life

So I started reading more and more
to the point where i'd read a 200page chapter book in a day and a half

Animorphs was my fav series
I read every single one

I had no real friends
My parents owned the grocery store at the time so when my mum wasn't drinking and my parents wern't screaming there heads off they'd be work
I was still in public school and got picked on constantly cause I was the freak from the island

so I'd hide in my books
then my depression started to effect my memmory
It like....went on strike
I couldnt remember anything I did or was doing
I couldnt remember the top of the page when I'd get to the bottom and i'd have to start all over again....I couldnt read anymore
I was devestated cause I had nowhere to go
My safe haven was gone

Eventually I switched to games

I LOVED my N64 Starwars Pod racing, Super Mario, Smash Brothers etc...
I'd play them for HOURS trying to beat this level, unlock that player, learn those special tricks
Then my Xbox Halo, Fable (I LOVED Fable, it let me make my own lil world)
Now I have a 360 and it still helps allot

It lets you forget all the bullshit if only for a second


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