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Default Re: Worth reading this: (PC GAMER)

Originally Posted by Makod View Post
I've only had the game 2 years ._. (|Please forgive me.|) And that's only one game. lol

Also, how the hell you manage 10-15 hours a day? When I said ~6-7 I meant school days. XD

Which game did you play 10-15 hours a day on by the way?

(gonna have to start running home faster so I can compete with the godly likes of you.)

Edit; commenting on the OP: Yes, gaming is a way to cope with depression and such, I guess it's the lesser of two evils.

I've currently been behind the computer for 20 hours or so.. And I do this because I am homeschooled, but don't worry back when I wen't to school I still managed about 10-15 hours a day as I slept usually 0-6 hours a day

Oh edit: I use to play SC/BW, CSS, NWN2, DC 10 hours or so a day, varieing

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