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Default Re: ** Post ALL Masturbation Questions HERE **

Originally Posted by StoppingTime View Post
I'm not arguing beliefs here. They say its a sin.
Its true. some fundamentalists will say is a sin, or choose not to talk about. I personally disagree. Many christian scholars believe masturbation is a good release of sexual tension so you don't lust or have pre-marital sex, which are sins.

Originally Posted by Sneakers View Post
does anyone masturbate while wearing boxers?

Originally Posted by TELEKINESISpower View Post
ever since i hit puberty my dad always checks up on me and says "You better not be doing somthing bad" he ment masterbation because i was saging my pants because i jumped up after he banged my door, then my hands got REALLY sweaty, i didn't wan't to show him my hands are wet from the sweat, now i started masterbating at night about early this year, now he doesn't want me to talk about sex or puberty, if i say those words he'd ground me! i talked to him about masterbation and he grounded me!!
Why doesn't he want to talk about it? Talk to a male ex-ed/health teacher or any adult that you trust about it, if you really need to.

i'm 17. i like discovering myself. talk to me.
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