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Default Re: HELP before i DIE!!!!

first - thanks to everyone you replied!!! it motivated me get a ride and go to the ER. they hooked me up to a ekg and checked my lungs and everything showed up fine they didnt know what was wrong i told them i was sure i had an infection thats spreading and that my chest was swolen and hurting so what did they do? they sent me to minor injury and the doctor checked over me and said i had a virus or some s**t (dont remember) and ended up prescribing me some pain/anti inflammatory meds and sent me on my way. strangely today my head is now hurting to and my vision is sometimes blury i guess in week if im still alive then mabey ill be ok but if it gets alot worse then mabey ill go back, im 100% the infection is spreading!! and nothing is swelling anymore becouse the pills im taking and i dont know what to do anymore i guess ill just sit here and wait untill i die ill give an update in few days - week thats if im still alive if i dont dont give an update by next friday then that means im ether dead or in the hospitil and near death
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