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Default Re: Argh, mods are driving me crazy

Originally Posted by Underground_Network View Post
Well, I presume the mods and admins have lives too, they can't spend every aching moment of their days trying to keep all the threads perfect. I think we have a good amount of mods as of now. Maybe if for some reason you are apparently short-staffed you could add a mod or two, but it doesn't seem necessary. Nothing over-the-top has happened that I've noticed as of late, we could use the mods checking every forum, but then again, they have lives as I said before, and checking out several threads in each and every forum is near impossible and takes a very long time. Just standing up for the mods and admins, they're doing all they can, and I think they're working to the best of their ability.
'ever single forum'
Only a few mods have powers to check every single forum. I wasn't even talking about Cody, our GM. They don't have to be perfect. We don't need more mods.

Gugh,forget about this thread, just let it all be. Why do I care anyway
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