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WORLD PEACE? Even if it did happen, would we be better off? Do we have enough resources to make sure everyone is equal. If there is still a divide in any way, whether there be someone richer than someone else, or someone with more power than someone else, there will still be bias and anger, and when that reaches a breaking point we reach conflict. Conflict is basically impossible to avoid, it's inevitable. All species of animal deal with conflict, its not just us. Our wars may seem more violent, but there are animals who fight to the death just for a mate, simply put, at least the majority of us don't do that. Murderous impulses are usually fueled by a reason, and 1st degree murder is usually only committed by those intelligent enough to full plan a murder. No matter what it is near impossible to reach world peace, and once its reached it will be near impossible to maintain, wait scratch that, it will be impossible to maintain. Try reading Harrison Bergeron or The Giver.

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