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Default My Girlfriend's Gynecological Problems

My girlfriend, named Kaylie, is deahtly afraid of going to the gyecologist. Thing is, she's exhibiting most of the symptoms of cervical cancer, and for the past several months I've been trying to convince her to go and get checked out at a teen clinic without her parents knowing, but she's still scared. She gets to the point of hysterics when the topic is brought up, and has even drawn doodles of a small, scared girl tied down on a table naked while various famous horror figures (Scream, Frankenstein, our choir teacher, etc.) all brandishing sharp and sinister-looking instruments. I'm really concerned for her, so here's my plea:

Those of you who have been to the gynecologist, could you please tell her what to expect? She said that one of the reasons she's so afraid is that she's never heard of any good stories come from it, so if, if you've had something good come from a gynecological exam, please post it. Also, please tell her what to expect during the exam; what instruments the gynecologist will use, how it feels, etc. Thanks a lot, guys, and keep in mind that you may be saving a girl's life.

Information about Kaylie:
Age: 14
Symptoms: Vaginal pain, feces and urine leaking from the vagina, oddly-colored vaginal discharge, severe loss of apetite, vomiting, and single swollen leg.

Thanks a lot!


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