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Default Re: circumcision on 3 brothers this fri.... HELP!!!

Originally Posted by A to the J View Post
Hay All im AJ lol maxx brother and im not a girl and my penis is bigger then my "older" bros lol thats beside the point lol i dont mind getting cut... maxx just is scared i have faith in him!!!! I mean if our eight y/o lil bro is going through with it without any fuss and cryng, why is our older brother looking like a baby. Moms a awsome mom! but when it comes to our health we better just sit down and shut up........ were in for a ride... no's not a choice.

your awsome bro!!!!!!!! AJ

Unnecessary surgery is manly, now?

I'm sure your mom is an awesome mom. She just is being told about this stuff by a misinformed doctor. This will do nothing for your health. It's more likely to harm it than help.

Of course "no" is a choice.

Going through unnecessary pain and risk does not make you more of a man. Saying "no" in the face of something unwanted and wrong just might.


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