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Default Re: I will be 16 in 2 weeks.

Originally Posted by Cyraxus View Post
My voice is definitely different than it was when i was 10/11. I have no public hair yet, and I can not ejaculate. No armpit hair, no leg hair, etc. I really dont have any interest in sex or anything yet, my friends talk about girls and im like.. yea.. sure.. cool.. no, im not gay.

The only thing I can think of that might be a sign of puberty is two things.. I AM growing.. at 12 i was 4'10".. now im 5'4" My feet are also getting bigger.

My penis has gotten longer, Its ~4" hard now.

Its fucked up because I have my drivers license and i look 14ish. I CAN however, see over the wheel.

You should still see a doctor, you are problably in puberty but since you've got no hair it's prolly inharited or just the way you are.. I think you're going a bit slow, so if it really annoys you go do it.. And don't be embarrassed, they are your parents after all

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