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Default Circumcision on 3 brothers this Friday.... Help!!!

So me and my 2 younger brothers 13 (just turned) and 8 are all getting circumcised this fri (im guessing mom had it scedualed for fri so we dont miss to much school, bhuaa) but anyways, i guess my moms having us all "fixed" up becouse my 2 younger brothers havent been able to get there forskins down.
Is it just me or how dumb do u gota be? Our dad resently left (devorce) and he has never been the type of man to talk about such a thing with us, so this is my moms answer... My youngest brother (trent 8) dosent care... and i think AJ (12) actualy wants it done !!! but i'm not so sure... i mean im not so big anyways and losing some of what i already got dont sound very good... ither way moms geting us all done so none of us have another problem with it on down the road... I dont see why she couldent have just got it done when we was born... AJ keeps talking sh** about how there going to miss couse my penis is so small and cut it all off, like his isent smaller then mine (AJ's a lil girl)... i'm also afrade of how this will effect masterbation.... I dont realy stroke much now but how do u masterbate without forskin? i have very little hair but i can cum... some... so, any of you out there been through this? getting circumcised later in life? whats it like? did it hurt? how much diffrent is it? please tell me your storie and info???

every one reads my post but no one comments!!!

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