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ok i have an update...soo i've been working on this massive project of mine for..ummm since the beginning of's now like more than mid-may..well two days ago..i finally finished my big project..the one that i used my kokopelli for..the pictures above that mold was turned into a relief..made from plaster and stuff..i have another one's of a lizard..well...the big project was a vase..that i had to build myself...i couldn't cheat and use the throwing wheel..that's the easy way...instead i had to build it up, coil by coil..well the vase was massive..probably about one foot and a few inches tall..and it's widest point was and little thinner than that of a basketball at its widest point. i put on four kokopelli guys and four lizards..the kokopellis danced around the bottom of the vase, while the lizards poked their bodies out from the top of the vase...i threw slip at it to give it a more earthy effect as was beautiful and probably one of the best pieces of art i've created...sadly, yesterday my art teacher informed me that he accidentally kept my piece in the kiln for too exploded..kokopellis and all..well the lizards survived, but the thing was obliterated..major piss off bc i worked sooo hard on this thing for sooo long...ut it wasn't that bad because it's actually kind of funny that my vase exploded i already got a pretty good grade on it..but i'll get nothing against me for the lack of glaze it's been blasted to smithereens

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