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Default Handprints

We finished our masterpiece, a white sheet of paper had been turned into a giant canvas, filled with handprints and writings, stick figures and clouds.

The counslers radioed their walkie talkies and we were cleared to go down the C wing.

All of us C kids, the 13 and older bunch, hurried down the halls to the key-padded bathrooms.

There was hollaring from the other end of the unit, probably Dre or someone trying to get a badge, so they could "get the hell out."

I ran along with Ally, Emma and Josh. We had paint, blue, green and red, covering our hands.

"Hey," Josh wispered "Lets put our handprints on the wall."

I smiled, I really liked him, and the friends that I had met here. On this enclosed, safe psychiatric unit.

The wall was a off-white, maybe at one time it had been white, but with all the kids that had stayed on the unit, it was no longer.

I looked down at my boney hands. Blue and green paint had mixed together to form a sort of turquoise.

Ally and Josh looked at my expectantly, I laughed, and pressed my warm paint-covered hands onto the wall. Ally and Josh joined me and our three handprints were there.

Later we would be told to clean it off, other wise we would go into our rooms, "because we were off track."

That memory, is one that I will keep for the rest of my life. I will never forget them, any of them.

And It makes my heart break to tell this story, because I miss those times. Those carefree, wonderful, beautiful times.

I miss those handprints.[/FONT]

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