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Default Re: *** Post ALL Masturbation Discussion HERE ***

Originally Posted by Learn2Bsmart View Post
Its a good thing i found this thread right off the bat, cause i just now have masturbation related issues to ask you guys.

Recently, I've found it relatively hard and almost impossible to masturbate in the shower. But when i do and ejaculate, my "orgasms" are incredibly strong. Why is it so hard to ejaculate in the shower, but when you do, its so strong like that? Plus, I've read this a while ago in a question saying something about using one hand to masturbate and using the other to finger yourself in your anus. I've tried that a couple times and at climax, my "orgasms" are really strong, enough to me make shut my eyes and pant for a while. Even though i am straight, (and i know that for a fact because guy/guy sex is really disturbing), why do i find it very arousing when i fantasize that I'm the female having sex and not the male like i am?
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