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Default Argh, mods are driving me crazy

This entire thread has been resolved and does not need any more attention. I don't care what you post.

Why don't we have more active mods in the puberty forum? Why don't we have mods with good timezones to work with? After the recent spam attack I thought 'hmm, the guys would've been banned if there was a mod on...'
And not just that, but why don't we have mods that post more and pay more attention to the puberty forum? For instance, if they have an interest in the puberty forums, and read them just to find info/give advice etc and mod along the way. I.e., a member active in that forum.

Also, there's a mod that keeps moving threads to a trash forum but he's leaving the redirect behind so when you click the link it says 'you don't have permission to go to this page.' That is soo annoying >.<

Can we tell the mods to be sure to not leave a redirect to deleted threads?

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