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Default curiousity.

for the past few months, things have been changing with my moods.
i really did not start thinking about it a lot until a few weeks ago. one night i was sitting in my room in a good mood then i just started bawling. i was doing that for a few hours and then i started throwing things around my room and screaming. i woke my dad up several times.
i cannot keep my mind on one thing. when i am on the phone, i am usually distracted and have no clue what the other person is saying and i am extremely cheery and happy then the next moment i am really depressed and i keep getting asked what is wrong.
my parents have no clue whether any of it is genetic or anything. my mum has anxiety and my dad is bipolar.
i am not too sure what it is but after reading all the things from various websites, this is what it points to. i go to see my doctor friday and i am not really sure what to tell him.

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