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Unhappy :( so upset

three months ago i broke uo with chris.
a month ago i started goinmg back out with an old boyfriend who has been one of my closest friends.

i was such a bitch to chris after we broke up.
although he did call me like 8 times a day everyday for like the next two weeks

it never hit me untill last night.
when i ran into him.
he was on a date.
i knew the gril a little,
she was on his lap.
it was really awkward.
then i met up with mike nad he was actign all distant.
[but he really loves me i know that]
and then when i got home i was so upset and depressed
then this morning my bf asked what was wrong and i told her [&& ONLKY her] that it bothered me to see chris with another girl.
she said this:
'well you never really got to feel the breakup, you bloked it out with drinking and doing all the things he didnt want you to. now its finally hitting you"
and i agree.
but i cant do this.
i cant feel this upset over chris while i'm with mike.
i'm so confused, and i have NO right to be upset.
i dotn know what to do.

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