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hi all im new here and my names glenn...i stumbled onto ur website looking for help. I am from england and i am 15 (nearly 16) . 5ft 3 (so i am small) and about 9 stone 7/8 lb and i wear glasses.

i need help because ive been getting bullied ever since i moved back to england so thats ever since the start of high school or year 7 . Ive tried teachers , and everything and nothing seems to work. I get made fun of because of my height and because of my glasses and because they say im fat (even tho im not really that fat and definatly not over weight as far as i no) and my stuff is messed with . i have been close to self harm when i had a knife underneath my neck and everytime i go to school i feel depressed sad and lonely. i have only a few friends there but they are really good friends and do try to help. They call me a geek (probably cuz of my glasses) even tho im not that smart but im definatly smarter then them.

now im on exam leave for GCSE exams and staying at home and only going in for exams and i like it this way alot !

after my exams have finished and ive had a summer holiday , im going to go to college and a college called Wakefield college , near me . Everybody is saying im going to be bullied bad and everything ther and its getting annoying because ive been there for an interview and it seems okay to me. I will hopefully be doing ICT there for two years and i dont really want to stay on for school and i really really like and am good at computers and ICT so hoping to get a carrer in it some how. Maybe if any of u are from the uk and are going there or know it or have been there can reassure me and help me be more confidint (soz for spelling) thanks alot and greatly appreciated
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