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Originally Posted by noobrus View Post
wow you and all those other kids are pervs comparing your penises
NOOBRUS: Dude... Your new, so I will cut some slack, but this site is for helping, not discriminating. A lot of people on here have compared, because its part of puberty, they are curious... and as are you I bet. I bet you have wondered how big your friends are, or where they are at in puberty! ahhh anyway back to the topic.......

Ari101: Dont worry. they are just fast bloomers. Watch, I bet you by the end of this year, you'll be growing hair like crazy, and your dick will get bigger too! as for comparing, don't listen to noobrus, we are all curious.

As for you "are there any other tall guys with small dicks," I did have a smaller dick at your age, but during that same year, my dig grew like 3 inchea, and hair was like EXLODING through my skin, now I have a nice long 7 incher, and i'm only... 14! only a year older. This is the age were you begin to grow... don't sweat what the other guys look like or may think.
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