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Default Re: I will be 16 in 2 weeks.

That's really gross, Sex and Candy.

You pretty much just sound like a late bloomer to me. I think your penis is growing, and you're also growing and changing in other ways too. Puberty's a bitch. I'd say at your next check up talk to your doctor about your concern with your development. Or if it's really bugging you, ask one of your parents if you can go to the doctor for a "private male" issue. It's easier to consult a doctor than a parent:
A) Because the doctor knows more about puberty
B) It's less awkward.
I felt really self-conscious about my development a couple years ago so I asked my doctor at the check up and he assured me I was coming along normally even though I didn't think I was. So it's way easier to ask your doctor.

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