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One of my teachers used to question me every morning, "How are you today?" sometimes, "You look down, what's depressing you?" I got tired of it, and I kinda yelled at her. I told her that it was none of her damn business what I was feeling, what I thought, what was going on at my home, none of it, I told her, that I come to her class daily, I do her work, but don't you dare try to get into my head. That's not meant for anyone else but me.

She stopped asking me questions.

I am NOT telling you to yell at your teacher, but do you think you could just say that it bugs you that she asks you these questions? That is, if you actually want her to leave you alone. If you do want the help, I suggest you talk to her becasue it seems like she truely cares, and there's not many teachers out there that do.

About sleeping--is there certain thoughts that keep you awake? Memories? Do you just have trouble falling asleep? Or staying asleep?

It bothers you that you are ignored because you don't fit into the "norm"? That's giving the entire school population control of your mood, your 'letting' them upset you, don't give them that power. Be happy that your different, the "different" ones are usually the most unique and interesting ones.

Sorry if that was confusing.

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