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Default Re: Guy That Needs Help With A Girl

Originally Posted by mhough11 View Post
Ok, I'm a guy, and I really like this girl.
Like, when I masturbate, I think about her. I'm 14 and when I was 13 she said she liked me but she was going out with someone at the time. Now, I love her even more, we talk all the time at school, and people always ask if were going out. All you girls out there, I need to know how i can tell her how I feel and a good way to get her to want to hook up with me.
I love how you prove to us that you really like her by telling us that you think about her when you masturbate.

Anyway, I don't think you really know her enough to "love her". In my opinion, love is grown, not spawned. You should just flat out tell her how you feel, you may REALLY regret it afterwards... But at least you can tell yourself that you're not a coward.

I was in a pretty familiar situation, except with me it was over the course of 3 years. I didn't really get the answers I wanted, but hey, at least I'll never wonder about what could have been.


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