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Default Re: I cant take life anymore. I just hate it

Depression hurts. I know. I have it and it almost killed me the other day. I overdosed on my zoloft..the anti depressant my therapist perscribed to me. and allergy medication. I snapped. a bomb inside me went off. My dad told me yesterday what happened and how he found me..and that i flatlined in the ambulance..I shouldn't be here, but I am..Honestly, I'm so grateful to be alive. I regret trying to kill myself..again, as this was not the first time. I'm off the meds it seems they are most of the reason to blame for my suicide attempt. I was on the meds for about a month and I already tried to kill myself before and had increased suicidal thoughts that I stupidly kept from my therapist and the ones that care about me, including people here. You need all the support you can get. Seriously. Because I've been through it, I understand that you need a group of people that you can talk it be here online or in your locality of friends, parents, teachers, etc. Preferably it would be both as the people in your physical life can do different things than we can. However, I would love for you to talk with me about it. We can help each other

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