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Originally Posted by thesonicguy View Post
Ok im 14 and NOT curcumsized, So I dont know why you get curcumsized.
With is the pont. And how do they do it?
"What's the point?" is opening up a can of worms, but here's my take.

Basically, the United States is the only country that still routinely performs non-religious circumcisions on babies. It used to be that a lot of countries did, but most dropped the practice. It was originally imported from England as a way to stop masturbation, or at least make it harder. It may make it a bit harder, but it definitely doesn't stop it.

The real primary reason it's continued in the United States is tradition. The U.S. tends to be slow to get rid of traditions, although circumcision is gradually becoming uncommon on the West Coast.

There are a few secondary benefits - it does reduce the chance of getting HIV from unprotected sex, and slightly reduces the chance of other extremely rare medical conditions. There have also been claims that it's more hygienic, but I've never heard anyone who showers daily have any real problem. In short, I think it's kind of a "solution" in search of a problem.

No medical association, not even in the U.S., claims that circumcision is necessary. Because of that, and increased focusing on the rights of the child, it's become gradually less common. The current hospital rate is something like 57%; it's probably a little higher including out-of-hospital circumcisions.

There are at least six states - Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada, Oregon and Washington - where rates have fallen under 50%. A full map and more information is available here.

As for how they do it, I assume you mean infants. This is somewhat graphic, as it is surgery.

First, the child is restrained. The legs and feet are bound to avoid movement. Fortunately, anaesthesia is usually applied now-adays. Before, the kid could feel everything. For some reason, some people claimed that babies couldn't feel pain as strongly...this turned out to be entirely untrue. Some areas still do it without anaesthesia, though.

Most infant circumcisions are done with a clamp. The baby's foreskin is forced back, and the clamp is applied. Pressure then is applied so the foreskin is crushed, removing foreskin basically from the middle of the penis. This "crush line" is what causes circumcision scars. After that, the remaining foreskin from the two sides is stitched up at the crush line. Assuming the crush line doesn't tear open and bleed, the baby can leave after about a day of observation.


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