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Unhappy u don't know my dad

I never know my dad, I have the chance soon to try and find him as well. I'm scared as well, I alway's want to know my dad. I alway's wanted a dad there for me one that loves and cares for you and who plays with you and support you.

A Dad to run to, when mum's pissing ya off lol makes me laugh i wish i new my dad for so many years and if i find him it hurt so much and i know i will just cry my eyes out and say were u been all this years nearly 18 years now im 18 in June

There so many reasons i want to find him

To find out why he split from my mum?
If he ever abused my mum?
If he still drinks?
Did he ever drink?
Did he try kill him self?
Did his mum and dad want disown me and my sisters?
Find out if i am really a twin, my mum final admit i am and family said i am, but is it true?

im scared he going to be dead, im going to be so hurt if he is and no one ever told me that he is, I know i do not know him but he is my dad and it hurt more cause i never got to know him and i never get the chance to find my questions out. Even if he does nto want me in his life anymore i am happy with that as long as i know he is alive and the reason

i know he not going to recognise me and i know that i not recognise him i only got one photo of him and that when he married my mum at about age of 20 something

i know either way i am going to get hurt, either by finding him dead, his alive and not wanting to know me. Then knowing and living with face you know your never have your dad there even when alive. I know if i do not try thought i always am wondering, I still always want a dad. People say you have nice man in ur life now i do not give a dam fuck he not my dad, no one can replace your real dad, your blood the person who meant to be there for you, who meant to help you grow up and become into a young women or man and watch your grow and develop

i never got my dad help me grow up and I don’t know if I have a dad ever.

I really want to know and to know what it like to be love by someone who is ur own blood and family

i don’t know if I ever be truly love by my family or know my dads side my family i guess i find out soon
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